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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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The Talk Show: “Enjoyably Clicky”

I’m John Gruber’s guest on this week’s episode of The Talk Show. When John and I talk we always end up talking about baseball, and I know that a lot of tech fans don’t like sports, so this time I decided to steer him toward keyboards instead. So after we spent quite a while talking about mechanical keyboards, guess where John steered the conversation? Baseball. Sorry about that. But I got to talk about Ichiro Suzuki and my favorite player of all time, Tony Gwynn. Hopefully in a way that tech fans might actually appreciate, maybe, a little?

After that, though, it’s all tech stuff: the latest rumors regarding the upcoming new iPhones and MacBook Pros, Rick Tetzeli’s cover story for Fast Company on Tim Cook’s Apple, and the saga of Apple Maps.

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