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Sonos and Amazon teaming up for voice control of speakers

At an event today, Sonos announced that it’ll be partnering with Amazon to let you control your music playback via the Echo:

Beginning in 2017, anyone with an Alexa-enabled device – right now that’s the Echo, Echo Tap, or Echo Dot – will be able to control Sonos speakers with voice commands. It’s a great pairing for both companies; Sonos speakers sound way better than the Echo, and Alexa is quickly evolving as the leading smart home voice assistant.

I haven’t been a Sonos customer to date, although everybody I know who has their products recommends them highly. The integration with the Echo, which as you all know I do love dearly, is a big check in the “pro” column.

The company also announced that you’ll soon be able to soon control your Sonos speakers from the Spotify app.

Well, guess I might be shopping for a wireless speaker shortly…

—Linked by Dan Moren

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