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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Mark Gurman: Details of the new iPhone

Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg today about what’s in the new iPhone:

  • Similar to 6 and 6S design
  • Dual-camera system on larger iPhone model
  • Pressure-sensitive Home button
  • No headphone jack

This is more or less what we’d already heard, but Gurman’s got the best sources, so I’d take this as as close to a confirmation as we’re going to get until the Apple event itself.

It sounds like “we used the extra space to add a second speaker because people love listening to audio right on the iPhone speakers, and besides, wireless headphones are popular” is going to be the way Apple explains the removal of the headphone jack.

I’m curious about the pressure-sensitive Home button—that adds a degree of difficulty because it needs to work properly and give users the feedback they need when they press the Home button, but it aids Apple in that it removes a moving part that can malfunction. It’s also one step closer to eliminating the home button altogether in favor of some sort of 3D touch gesture, I suppose.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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