six colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Today’s the day the capital-I Internet dies

Speaking of the Ringer, here’s Alyssa Bereznak:

For most children of the internet, however, the end of the great uppercase holdout is laughably late. When the AP announced it would de-capitalize internet, Wired mocked the slothlike speed of the AP style’s change in a headline that read “The AP Finally Realizes It’s 2016, Will Let Us Stop Capitalizing ‘Internet’.” Gawker declared a rare victory for its kind, writing “But today is a day for bloggers to rejoice, for they have won the word ‘internet.’” Joseph Turow — a communications professor at the University of Pennsylvania who first began advocating for a lowercase internet way back in 2002 — was especially gratified by the announcement. “This is an example of a kind of microcosm of cultural change,” he told me. “It’s a minuscule thing in the context of world events. But I don’t think it’s unimportant.”

It’s gonna take me some time to fully integrate this into my personal style guide. (Which I keep in my brain, and not on the internet.)