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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Dropbox iOS update brings scanning features

As a freelancer who’s had to start keeping meticulous track of his income and expenses, my least favorite thing is dealing with receipts. To date I’d been using Scanbot on those occasions when I need to take a picture of a receipt and save it for later records, but the latest Dropbox update may obviate the need for a separate app, since it now allows for much the same functionality.

Yes, many of the scanning apps already on the market have many more features than Dropbox does, but not having to rely on a second app may be attractive to many folks (me included).

And while I’m not sure if the feature came in this update or a previous one (the company is of the “opaque release notes” school on the App Store), Dropbox is now a registered document provider extension in iOS, which means it’s available from the standard Document Picker. Huzzah!

Update: That document provider support seems to only be partial. I was able to save a PDF from Mail into Dropbox using the Document Picker, but as reader David pointed out, trying to open a document from Dropbox using the picker still doesn’t work.

—Linked by Dan Moren

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