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Talkshow: Texting in public

Congratulations to Michael Sippey, Greg Knauss, and everyone else involved with launching the Talkshow app today. I’ve been beta testing the app for a while, and it’s a very clever idea: text messages as entertainment. A group of people send text messages to each other, and other people watch (either via the app or on the web).


Conversations are how we entertain each other and advance ideas, and messaging is how most of us have conversations today. We believe a fast, simple and uncluttered conversation between friends can be entertaining and enlightening for more than just the people talking. So, Talkshow is about turning messaging into media. That’s why we call it “texting in public.”

Just Sunday night, Monty Ashley and Brian Hamilton used Talkshow to do a live blow-by-blow commentary of the “Game of Thrones’ premiere, just before we recorded our podcast on the subject.

Talkshow is available now in the App Store.