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Comcast to roll out 1TB data caps?

Glenn Fleishman wants to criticize internet providers for their ridiculous data caps, but Comcast’s 1TB limit actually seems reasonable, he writes in TidBITS:

The Comcast corporate blog noted a couple of interesting facts: 99 percent of its customers consume less than a terabyte per month, and its average user passes only about 60 GB. The WSJ article got an additional tidbit from Comcast, however, noting that 2 million subscribers exceed 300 GB a month, and noted that Time Warner Cable’s average use is 141 GB per month and growing 40 percent a year.

Here’s a look at my bandwidth history with Comcast:

As Glenn notes in the article, this is probably due to my backing up giant podcast sessions via CrashPlan. I’m curious, so I’ve stopped backing up the sessions that I don’t actually need to save long-term, to see if it helps reduce my usage. But I do have a teenager who streams Netflix constantly…

We’ll see. I may end up paying extra. I guess it’s nice to finally be a one percenter in something…?

—Linked by Jason Snell

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