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by Jason Snell

iPad Air 2 or 9.7-inch iPad Pro?

Fraser Speirs has to figure out which iPad his school should lease for its one-to-one program:

The thing that separates the competent sysadmin from the great sysadmin is the willingness or ability to plan for the final year of use, not just the first year. I constantly remind myself of the fact that these devices will be in heavy use in 2019. Will they be good for the software requirements of that year? The iPad Air 2 is still a very strong machine, but it is 2014 technology. Will it still be good in 2019? I’m not sure, but I’ll try and think aloud here.

It’s a very interesting analysis, and of course the ultimate decision will have a big impact on the teachers and students for the next few years.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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