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Erik Malinowski’s tour of James Bond

Over at Wired, my pal Erik Malinowski got paid to re-watch all 24 James Bond movies and offer his opinions on what to skip and what to savor before “SPECTRE” hits U.S. theaters later this week.

I’ve seen all the Bond movies, too—007 fandom runs deep among Apple bloggers, apparently?—and Erik’s judgments seem pretty dead on with my recollection. “Diamonds are Forever” is a disaster, a lot of Roger Moore’s run is painful, and not even Daniel Craig could save “Quantum of Solace.”

I can’t agree with him about the best film, though. His choice is “Goldfinger”, which is clearly the most influential film. Many subsequent Bond films try (and fail) to recapture the magic of “Goldfinger”, which is why there are more mediocre Bond films than there should be. (My choice is “From Russia With Love.”)

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