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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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What might be in store for Siri

Over at Macworld, my weekly Stay Foolish column tackles what Apple might announce in regards to Siri next week, as well as where the concept of an intelligent voice-based assistant might be headed:

While I still really like Siri, there’s still plenty of improvement to be made. Too often it seems as though there are questions the assistant should be able to answer–questions, frankly, that a real, human assistant would certainly have at their fingertips–that Siri seems clueless about, particularly when it comes to context. For example, if I ask Siri “What’s on TV tonight?”–admittedly a bit of an antiquated query in this day and age of streaming–it kicks me to a Google search. But it also can’t tell me when the fourth season of Arrow premieres. (October 7, if you’re anticipating it as I am.) “Can you book me a flight to San Francisco?” yields similarly unhelpful results, as does “Play this movie on my Apple TV.”

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