Six Colors
Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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The Incomparable Radio Theater

For the last year, a bunch of us have been working on a crazy podcasting project: A 12-week series of humorous audioplays in the style of old-time radio. Based on a one-off episode of The Incomparable from April Fool’s Day 2013 and a follow-on holiday special that same year, this time we’ll be releasing a full season of audioplays, once a week thorough mid-December.

While it’s a labor of love, it’s also been a huge amount of work. I hope you’ll check out episode 1 and consider subscribing via iTunes, RSS, or Overcast1. This week’s episode features some voices you may recognize, such as Andy Ihnatko and Merlin Mann, and next week’s episode features even more familiar names and voices.

  1. In that feed you’ll also find a live performance from WWDC week, as well as a “season zero” made up of the contents of our two 2013 specials. 
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