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OS X Server’s new iCloud Acceleration is light on configuration

Fraser Hess has a write-up on a new feature of OS X Server 5, which came out earlier this week: iCloud Accelerator. The goal is to cache copies of iCloud data on your local network, but in truest Apple fashion, it’s a bit of a black box:

The answers surprise me: iCloud Acceleration (or Personal Caching as Caching Server calls the feature internally) is not only enabled by default in Caching Server (contrary to the implication in the release notes), the feature has no storage limit outside of the general cache limit. Furthermore, there are no controls in the service pane or documentation on how to administer the feature.

I turned on Caching Server when I installed OS X Server, but I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge improvement in download times. Then again, I’m just one guy with a handful of devices, so I’m probably not the best test case.