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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Sponsor: Igloo

This week Six Colors is brought to you by Igloo, an intranet you’ll actually like.

You may have heard that slogan before, but think about it for a minute. Most of us are forced to use old-school work intranets, made before the real rise of social media and smart apps. Igloo does what intranet apps do, of course—share news, organize files, coordinate calendars, and manage projects—and does it all in one place. But with Igloo, you won’t pull your hair out every time you realize you’ve got to go on the Intranet to look something up.

Igloo is also fully mobile savvy. intranet is also mobile. You can manage your task list from your laptop during a meeting, share status update from your phone and access the latest version of a file from home.

Check out Igloo’s free intranet templates, and start collaborating right away.