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by Jason Snell

Twitterrific for iOS adds regex, muting, drafts

My iOS Twitter app of choice, The Iconfactory’s Twitterrific1, was just updated to version 5.10. With this update, the app gains a few nifty new features.

The company has enhanced its “muffle” feature—it was like a mute, except you could still see grayed-out indicators that an item was hidden based on the rules you’ve set—by allowing you to make a filter that mutes or muffles. With a mute, of course, you never even see an indication that the tweet was ever there.

Even better, Twitterrific’s filters now support regular expressions, so you can write more complex patterns in order to get junk out of your timeline.

Other features in Twitterrific 5.10 include support for drafts, the ability to use smart quotes, and the return of preview URLs when you’re in a share sheet. The app is free with a $4 in-app purchase to enable all features.

  1. I think it’s great that you like Tweetbot instead. Isn’t choice wonderful? 
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