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Welcome to Macintosh: ‘Rich Corinthian Leather’

Welcome to Macintosh is a new podcast from Mark Bramhill in the style of 99% Invisible, Serial, and Myke Hurley’s new Inquisitive series. In other words, it’s more than just a few people having a conversation. The first episode is about skeuomorphism and features interviews with Dave Wiskus and Neven Mrgan.

Plus, it features a clip of Ricardo Montalban admitting to David Letterman that rich Corinthian leather 1 was just something they made up.

Definitely worth checking out on iTunes or in Overcast or your podcast app of choice.

  1. In the actual commercials, Montalban says “fine Corinthian leather,” but for whatever reason, David Letterman always used—and by extension, I have always used—the catchphrase “rich Corinthian leather.” Khaaaaaaaaaaan! ↩