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Linked by Dan Moren

Spectre trailer gets declassified

As Six Colors’s Chief Espionage Movie Correspondent 1, it is my duty to direct your attention to the first trailer for Spectre.

It’s clear that Spectre picks up on where Skyfall left off, with a shot of the ruined MI6 headquarters at Vauxhall Cross and an allusion to a secret in Bond’s history discovered at Skyfall itself. And, of course, there’s that last voiceover from a distinctly shadowy Christoph Waltz, playing a character named Oberhauser (rumored to be…something more), who appears to be connected with the titular organization.

Also, I was remiss in not linking the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation trailer, so let’s call this a two-for-one deal.

  1. Jason’s in another country, so I figure that gives me license to make up whatever title I want. ↩