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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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My (practical) Apple Watch wish list

Another month, another appearance by me in iMore’s weekly The Network column… this time I wrote about the features and philosophies that I think are most important in the Apple Watch:

Truly, this is an exciting time to follow Apple.

With the company set to hold a media event on Monday — six months to the day since Tim Cook first stood on the Flint Center stage and unveiled the Apple Watch — we’re about to move out of our current period of vaguely-informed speculamalation and into the era of somewhat more informed speculification. At that point, we’ll be perilously close to the time when the Apple Watch really ships, and pundits can actually start complaining about the real product rather than jousting with straw men wearing extremely expensive timepieces.

My point is, are we there yet? No? Okay, then, with a very short amount of time to go before we know incrementally more about the Apple Watch, here’s my wish list for the next six months of the Apple Watch. You know, when we can actually use the thing.

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