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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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by Jason Snell

Federico Viticci goes to San Francisco

It’s not just Federico Viticci’s first-hand account of Monday’s Apple event, it’s also the account of his first-ever trip to America (for about 24 hours) and the first time he’s met most of us tech writer types.

After grabbing coffee at Blue Bottle with Matthew Panzarino, we headed to the Yerba Buena Center, which at 8 AM was already packed. Having covered Apple events over the Internet for years, my first reaction was that I had been catapulted into a bizarre Real Life Twitter where profile pictures moved and talked and interacted with each other. I met people I’ve considered online friends for years such as Rene, Serenity, Jim, Jason, Dan, and so many others. This probably sounds obvious and trite, but seeing someone in person after years of online interactions is completely different, in a fantastic way….

After the event, I went to have lunch with Jason, Rene, and Serenity. I had pasta and Oasis started playing on the radio1, which seemed like a fitting conclusion to a wonderful morning.

It was great to meet Federico in person, but more amazing to see his delight in being with all of us and experiencing the Apple event. Plus, y’know, selfies with Tim.

  1. It was “Morning Glory,” and I couldn’t believe my ears. I looked over at Federico, knowing that he’s a huge Oasis fan, and his eyes were pretty wide. 
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