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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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Bill Watterson speaks

He’s not exactly J.D. Salinger, but “Calvin and Hobbes” creator Bill Watterson is not one to speak publicly. He makes an audio appearance in the documentary “Stripped,” and apparently there’s a new interview with him in the forthcoming “Exploring Calvin and Hobbes” exhibition catalog.

Michael Cavna1, who writes the fine Comic Riffs column for the Washington Post, has an extended excerpt from the Watterson interview.

  1. Mike was our editorial cartoonist at the UCSD Guardian back in the day, and even drew a “Calvin and Hobbes” parody strip for our April Fool’s issue. It featured comic banter between philosophers John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes. In a bizarre twist of happenstance, Mike actually grew up in the neighborhood I live in now. Strange world. 

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