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Apple TV channel support

One of the problems of our modern technological devices is that they’re usually the intersection of work from multiple companies. So who do you turn to when things don’t work as expected?

This is a big problem for Android: When your Samsung phone has issues, who do you call? Samsung? Google? Your cell provider? Generally, Apple’s had less of a problem in this arena, given their insistence on controlling the whole widget, but even it’s working with cell networks and, increasingly, content providers. That means points of failure that are sometimes beyond Apple’s control. And what customers really love is being shunted from one long on-hold phone call to another.

So it’s nice to see Cupertino trying to simplify that process at least a little bit by providing a handy knowledge base document that breaks down who to contact—and how to contact them—for every single channel on the Apple TV. It even includes information on which services are available where1, and what the cost, if any, is.

Not to read too much into the tea leaves, either, but this also seems like the kind of thing that’s good to have in place should you decide to launch your own TV service at some point in the not too distant future.

  1. Interesting things I gleaned from this article. 1) NHL’s channel is available worldwide, except in Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden…because they really like hockey there, I guess? 2) CNN weirdly has Canada listed but crossed out. Which seems kind of passive aggressive. 
—Linked by Dan Moren

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