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1Password’s brand new extension goes further

1Password Extension

Calling myself a 1Password zealot might be overselling it a tad: I love the app, though I’m sure I don’t even take advantage of half of the features it has.

However, the iOS app does have an absolutely killer extension that makes filling in passwords on Safari a breeze. 1 AgileBits just added a bunch more features that kick the extension up a notch, including filling in personal information, filling in credit cards, and creating a new login for the site you’re on, if for example you’re signing up for a new service. (That’s a screenshot of the extension above, not the app itself.)

It’s hard to believe that anybody reading Six Colors is not already a 1Password user, but if you’ve been holding back, well, why?

  1. Honestly, I’d expected to see more extensions developed for iOS after the release of iOS 8. 1Password’s remains, in my opinion, the example par excellence. ↩