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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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TypeSnippets: Visual text expansion for iOS

Nice Mohawk’s new app, TypeSnippets, was released today. It’s a clever-but-simple keyboard extension for iOS 8 that lets you send commonly typed phrases by picking them out of a list.

There are other utilities that speed text input on iOS, such as TextExpander, and iOS itself has a text shortcut feature, but they require you to type in a key phrase that’s expanded out into something much greater. TypeSnippets’s approach is different because it’s visual—you pick the snippet you want to appear, rather than typing the right characters to trigger an expansion.

TypeSnippets is free (with support for three snippets); a $2.99 in-app purchase unlocks all current and future features, including forthcoming iPad sync.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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