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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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The Incomparable 233: ‘Selective Amnesia’

The Incomparable

This week on my pop-culture podcast The Incomparable, we talk about the plight of the comic-book reader when it comes to events and continuity. Marvel and DC are both in the process of revisiting and changing their continuity via dramatic in-universe events. Is continuity worth the trouble? Are events fun, or soul-crushing? How do we feel about the old and new Marvel Secret Wars? Does the new all-woman Avengers team fill us with excitement or trepidation or both? And stick around after the show as we discuss Superman’s new power, the appeal of Harley Quinn, and even more comic nerdery!

My guests this week are Andy Ihnatko, Lisa Schmeiser, and Monty Ashley.

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