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Six Colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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David Sparks quits his day job

So I had breakfast with David Sparks, of Mac Power Users and MacSparky and Field Guides fame, this morning. And he told me he quit his law-firm job last week.

My legal and publishing aspirations could co-exist if I’d just get over my insecurities and leap… So I lept.

Over the years, David and I have talked many times about our personal struggles with our “good jobs” and our desires to take more control of our own destinies. With David’s new law firm he’s going to be better able to balance his legal practice with those geeky interests that his lawyer friends don’t entirely understand.

David’s piece about his decision sure rang a lot of bells for me. Going out on your own is terrifying, especially for risk-averse children of depression-era parents, which both of us are. But as I said to David this morning as we were walking back to the parking lot, “I don’t know if I’ll succeed or fail at doing this, but I know that I won’t be looking back with regret at never having tried.”

Best of luck, David Sparks. It’s gonna be great.

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