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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Studio Neat: Behind the syrup

Studio Neat makes a bunch of cool stuff, like the Glif iPhone tripod mount (I’ve got one), and the Cosmonaut stylus (one of those too), and the Neat Ice Kit (yep). Their newest product is the Simple Syrup Kit. (I backed it on Kickstarter.)

Anyway, they made a fun stop-motion video for the Simple Syrup Kit, and Dan Provost explains how they did it, including a great before-and-after comparison:

Once all the frames were shot (575 images over a span of about 2 hours), it was time to Photoshop out all of the parts that would ruin the illusion. Each individual frame doesn’t require too much work, but when added in aggregate (around 200 frames needed editing in some form) it ended up taking about 15 hours.

I’m not a mixed-drink guy, but let me tell you, simple syrup is great to have around when you’re making sweet iced tea…

[via Casey Liss]

—Linked by Jason Snell

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