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Sponsor: Twelve South

This week’s Six Colors sponsor is Twelve South, an Apple-only accessory company. Twelve South’s products include HiRise for Mac, HoverBar for iPad, the BookBook line of cases, PlugBug travel chargers, Surface Pad leather iPhone and iPhone cases, and much more. I’ve been using Twelve South’s BookArc stands for my MacBook Air for several years now.

Their latest product is the HiRise Deluxe charging stand. It’s fully compatible with all Lightning-based iPhones and iPads, and is adjustable, so you can use it whether your device has a case or if you prefer to use it without one. The HiRise stands don’t block your speakers, mic, or headphone ports. They’re great to use for hands-free FaceTime chats or just for turning your iPhone or iPad into a secondary screen while you’re working at your Mac. It’s even color matched to your Silver, or Gold iOS device of choice. (As for me, I’ve got it in black, which matches the front of my Space Gray iPhone and iPad mini.)

I’ve been using a HiRise Deluxe for a bit more than a week, and I’m impressed with the build quality—it looks great and feels solid—but I have to admit I’m not surprised. All the Twelve South products I’ve tried have offered the same high quality and attention to detail. It’s really the company’s stock-in-trade, creating accessories that enhance your Apple products rather than detract from them.

All the Twelve South products are available from, with free ground shipping in the U.S. These are great gifts for the Apple fan on your holiday list.