six colors

by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Sponsor: MailRoute

My sincere thanks to MailRoute for sponsoring Six Colors during Christmas week. MailRoute is a hosted email filtering service that strips out spam before it reaches your inbox.

MailRoute owns their service completely, from IP to hardware (it’s not a bunch of pieced-together bits from other companies), so quality-control is thorough and reliable. Support is free of charge and their easy interface makes it simple for me to configure settings and route messages to their proper destination.

You can use the code SixColors for 10% off a new MailRoute account. Go here for a free 15-day trial or contact them directly for more info.

If you hate spam, and are sick of filters that stop working over time, MailRoute will have you covered. And in 2015, they’ll add another piece of the puzzle: hosted mailboxes.