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Warner Bros. plans ‘Wonder Woman,’ ‘Justice League’

I’m more of a Marvel guy (though I’m liking The CW’s “The Flash”), but the DC Comics superhero movie franchise finally seems to be moving at full speed. As Josh Lasser at Hitfix reports:

Following “Batman v Superman,” the next title up will feature Suicide Squad. Then, in 2017, we’ll get “Justice League Part One” and a stand-alone “Wonder Woman” movie. The next year, 2018, will offer a movie version of “The Flash” with Ezra Miller and “Aquaman” with Jason Momoa. A “Shazam” movie, which has Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam will come out in 2019 as will “Justice League Part Two.” “Cyborg” with Ray Fisher will hit in 2020 and a new “Green Lantern” as well. Stand-alone Superman and Batman films are also in the works.

The new Harry Potter-universe prequel series screenwritten by J.K. Rowling will also feature at least three movies, and multiple Lego-themed movies are also in the works.

No word on if Warner Bros. or any other major film studio will be releasing any non-franchise movies between now and 2020…

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