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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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Sponsor: Squarespace

Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring Six Colors this week. You may have heard about Squarespace—just this week their ads have been on the World Series—but you may not have heard about Squarespace 7, which just went into beta.

Squarespace 7 has some amazing new features, including Cover Pages (gorgeous one-page designs, perfect for a simple online identity or to provide a planding page for an event, album, or product) and Getty integration (buy Getty images for your site for $10, a small fraction of the normal licensing cost). Perhaps most impressive is the new Squarespace 7 interface—no longer do you have to toggle between a back-end editor and the front end. All of it’s now on the same clean interface.

Readers of Six Colors should visit Squarespace and show your support for this site. Use code SIXCOLORS for 10% off.

Squarespace is now a creative tools company that lets you put your ideas online and create an amazing online presence or brand identity. Squarespace now offers everything from domains to websites to apps to logo makers, all with the purpose of giving you the tools to give a voice to your ideas.