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Sponsor: Many Tricks

This week’s Six Colors sponsor is Many Tricks.

Many Tricks is an independent Mac software company run by Peter Maurer and my former Macworld colleague Rob Griffiths. They make a lot of useful utility apps for OS X, the most popular of which is probably Moom, which turns the green button on every window on your Mac into an insanely useful and customizable window-management tool. I’m not saying that the green button in its current form is kind of dumb, but… it’s kind of dumb. Moom is way better.

Other Many Tricks utilities include Witch, a replacement Command-Tab switcher; Name Mangler, which batch renames files in a heartbeat; Time Sink, a time tracker for regular people (i.e., not professionals who bill by the hour) to track how they use their time; and there are many others.

Through the end of October, Six Colors readers (that’s you!) can use the discount code SixColors20 at checkout to get 20 percent off of anything you buy.

If you haven’t heard of Many Tricks, and you’re someone who likes using the Mac, you owe it to yourself to go check out their utilities. And thanks to Many Tricks for sponsoring the site this week.