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It hasn’t been ‘way too long’ for the MacBook Air

There’s some sort of physics about Apple rumors. The rumors for every product everywhere end up getting compressed into a single layer that’s one event long. That’s why every product ever rumored to be coming from Apple has been rumored to be on the agenda for Apple’s event this Thursday ever since that event was announced.

Here’s the well-connected John Paczkowski of Re/code, knocking down one rumor with the Re/code version of a “nope”:

Apple may well have a new MacBook Air with Retina Display in the pipeline, but it’s not going to unveil it this week… As I reported earlier this month, this event will be headlined by Apple’s latest iPads, a new hi-res iMac and OS X Yosemite.

There you go. Re/code says new iPads, Yosemite, and a Retina iMac.

I’ll be at the event on Thursday to bring you the facts. But fear not: Within minutes of the event’s conclusion, all unproven rumors will re-coalesce around a new rumor about the next Apple event sometime in 2015.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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