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Fantastical 2.2 brings iOS 8 features

The excellent Fantastical app for iOS has just been updated with great new support for iOS 8. As you might expect, Federico Viticci at MacStories has the details:

Fantastical 2.2 doesn’t fundamentally reinvent Fantastical, but the iOS 8 integration it delivers is a step above the competition and shows how Flexibits deeply knows the iOS platform. Interactive notifications and a full-featured share extension let Fantastical reach beyond the confines of the app, enabling users to mark or create items anywhere on iOS (as long as there’s a share sheet). The widget is my favorite aspect of Fantastical 2.2, and the proverbial icing on the cake for a solid and polished iOS 8 update.

Fantastical is my calendar of choice on my iPhone, and with iOS 8 it’s also the calendar of choice on my iPad. (Though I’m not a fan of all of its view options on the iPad, its flexibility and stability make it a winner over iOS 8’s Calendar app, which has been acting bizarrely on my iPad.) Highly recommended.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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