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‘Ancillary Sword’

One of the best reviewed, most decorated science fiction novels in recent memory is “Ancillary Justice” by first-time novelist Ann Leckie. We covered it on three different episodes of The Incomparable.

It’s a big space opera about warring empires that doesn’t bypass any of the crimes an empire commits in order to remain an empire. But at its core, “Ancillary Justice” is a book about identity, about how people define themselves, how our history and actions define us, and even how our language can put us all in boxes we can’t even see.

You should read “Ancillary Justice” if you haven’t. It is fulfilling entirely on its own, and isn’t one of those books that stops in the middle and makes you wait for the next book in the series. However, as of today there is a sequel, “Ancillary Sword,” and the reviews seem good so far.

If you like science fiction stuff, even a little bit, check them both out.

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