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Yosemite, by CocoaConf

When I went to college, and people asked where I came from, I would say, “It’s a little town you’ve never heard of. If you miss the turn-off to Yosemite, it’s where you end up.” (I’m from Sonora, a lovely little Gold Rush-era town just up Highway 108/120 from Yosemite Junction. I spent the first couple of years of my life in Groveland, the last town before the park if you enter from the north.)

What I’m saying is, the choice of Yosemite as OS X’s name actually makes pride swell in the heart of this American bear. I’m from there, more or less. And even better, the good people behind CocoaConf are going to stage an Apple conference in Yosemite National Park next year!

The event’s being held April 20-23, 2015, at Yosemite Lodge, right in the heart of Yosemite Valley. It’s going to be spectacular. I am on the list of speakers for the event, along with great people like Andy Ihnatko, Jim Dalrymple, Serenity Caldwell, Guy English, Brent Simmons, Neven Mrgan, Matt Drance, Michael Lopp, Dave Wiskus… the list goes on.

It’s going to be amazing. And registration is now open.

—Linked by Jason Snell

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