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NBC developing ‘Real Genius’ sitcom

So here’s the thing. 1985’s “Real Genius” is one of my favorite movies of all time. Part of that is because it is the apotheosis of ’80s filmmaking, from the hair and the wardrobe to the multiple montages scored to ’80s pop hits. The other part, though, is that it was one of the first times I saw a movie where genuinely smart people were the heroes.

If you didn’t see it in a movie theater in 1985, it might not work for you. But this movie is my comfort food, something I can quote by heart, watch on the drop of a hat, and always enjoy. (Stunning realization: Next year is its 30th anniversary.)

Now it’s in development as an NBC sitcom. On the positive side, the people involved have shows like “Parks and Recreation” on their resumes. On the negative side, it’s being produced by Adam Sandler’s production company.

Fortunately, no matter what happens, they can’t take the original movie away from me. Even if I may have to start explaining to people that when I say I love “Real Genius,” I mean the one with Val Kilmer and William Atherton in the best of his three amazing ’80s jerk roles (“Ghostbusters,” “Die Hard”) and Jon Gries as the indelible basement-dwelling Lazlo Holyfield, and not that TV show.

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