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Six Colors coverage of iPadOS 14

By Dan Moren

First Look: iPadOS 14 Public Beta

Siri UI
Siri’s UI no longer takes over the whole screen in iPadOS 14.

The latest update to Apple’s tablet operating system is a bit of a contradiction. Yes, it’s full of new features and enhancements, but at the same time, a few of the most prominent features of its sibling iOS are nowhere to be found here.

Apple is always balancing its priorities, and some years one device or another might get more attention. This year seems to be an off-one for the iPad, but even if it doesn’t get all the bells and whistles as the iPhone, but it’s still got more than a few significant changes. Let’s take a look at a few of the biggest updates.

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By Jason Snell for Macworld

The Mac’s future is on a collision course with the iPad

It was the most important WWDC keynote for the Mac since the arrival of OS X two decades ago. Apple’s announcement on Monday of the Mac’s third-ever processor transition was big enough, but it was only the beginning. Apple also announced a new version of macOS, Big Sur, that is full of new features and design elements that paint the clearest picture yet about where Apple is taking the Mac in the future.

It’s no coincidence that Apple chose this moment to leave version 10 behind after twenty years, replacing it with macOS 11.0. 2020 is the beginning of the Mac’s next (and, depending on how you read the tea leaves, last) era.

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