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By Jason Snell

Button Creator: Quick icons for Stream Deck

Using a Stream Deck doesn’t just increase your productivity—it also increases your appetite for custom icons to label all those buttons.

Via John Voorhees of MacStories, I found out last week about Christian Lobach’s $4 utility Button Creator, which lets you quickly create drag-and-droppable Stream Deck icons based on Apple’s SFSymbols icons, emojis, or images you drag in.

The app is very simple and I hope Lobach continues to update it. Adding text would be great (Update: A new version with text support is now live on the App Store), since Stream Deck’s text overlay is limited in fonts, sizes, and styling. I’d also like to see Lobach add the ability to drag objects around on the canvas, so I could more precisely position things. (Right now, the images only appear dead center, though you can scale them via a slider.)

This sort of functionality should probably be part of Stream Deck’s own software, but it’s not. And within 10 minutes of downloading Button Creator I had given several different portions of my Stream Deck interface a makeover. Worth the $4 for me, for sure.

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