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By Jason Snell

Fun With Charts: For immediate release

Warning: This story has not been updated in several years and may contain out-of-date information.

Some charts are dumber than others. Stephen Hackett asked me to ponder the volume of Apple press releases over time, and the Apple Newsroom has helpfully archived every Apple press release from 2000 onward. (Sample 2000 Apple press release: “Apple Unveils Internet Strategy.”)

Anyway, Apple used to release an average of one or two press releases a week. Then in the 2000s, that number dropped to about one a week. In recent years the number has spiked to new records, as Apple’s new PR team has added photo galleries, feature articles, and other new stuff to the collection. Last year, Apple posted 2.6 items per week.

So far this year Apple has only released eight items, but it’s early. Ten months remain for Apple to blow our minds with new information, though it’s hard to imagine ever matching that day in 2005 when Apple took podcasting mainstream.

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