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By Jason Snell

Apple reports a record $91.8 billion holiday quarter

Note: This story has not been updated since 2020.

Apple announced that its calendar 2019 holiday quarter (the first quarter of its fiscal 2020) was its all-time best in terms of revenue, with a total of $91.8 billion, with a $22.2 billion profit. The company beat its estimates for the quarter, and in news that will cheer Wall Street, estimated that it will generate between $63 and $67 billion in revenue next quarter, a sign of further growth to come.

The $91.8B in revenue was a new record, topping the 2017 holiday season (fiscal 2018) by $3.5B.

iPhone revenue was up 8% year over year to $56 billion, its first quarter of growth in a full year.

Mac generated 7.2 billion but was down 3% versus the year-ago quarter.

Wearables is on a tear. The category was up 37% over the year-ago quarter. That’s 10 straight quarters of growth over 30 percent, which is breathtaking.

This was not an iPad holiday. iPad has been on a roll, but there were no new models and its $6B in revenue was an 11 percent drop from last year. It’s the biggest iPad drop in revenue since 2018.

Services revenue continued on its roll, up 17 percent from the year-ago quarter.

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