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By Jason Snell

Adobe Lightroom arrives in the Mac App Store

Note: This story has not been updated for several years.

In June 2018 at WWDC Apple trumpeted changes it was making to the Mac App Store to welcome back some major apps to the store. Panic’s Transmit returned in November, Microsoft Office arrived in January and BBEdit arrived in June.

Who’s next? It’s Adobe, which is bring its first flagship app to the Mac App Store Thursday with Lightroom.

A lot of people like to complain about Adobe, but I never hear people complain about Lightroom. Photographers love it to organize, edit, and preview photos. It’s a great alternative for people who are still sad about the death of Apple’s own Aperture photo-management utility.

Combined with the (presumed) arrival of an influx of apps from the iPad this fall thanks to Catalyst and macOS Catalina, the return of apps from major vendors really threatens to make the Mac App Store relevant again. It’s also a sign that Apple has listened to major Mac app developers who simply couldn’t be in the Mac App Store before—Apple has changed its policies and added new features to macOS to allow a broader range of features, and this is the result.

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