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By Jason Snell

Setapp loses iMazing as of Dec. 28

Note: This story has not been updated for several years.

A few Six Colors readers have pointed out that Setapp, the Mac app subscription service, has sent out an email indicating that the iPhone management utility iMazing will be leaving the service as of Dec. 27.

As I wrote two years ago when SetApp launched, losing content is a risk you take when you sign up for any subscription service, whether it’s “Battlestar Galactica” on Netflix or an app you use in Setapp:

My biggest concern with Setapp is my concern about the content on any subscription service—namely, that it can disappear at any time. If a developer removes their app from Setapp, you’ll be allowed to keep it, but you won’t receive any updates and can’t reinstall it. That doesn’t feel good, though I’m not sure it’s much different from the fact that any operating-system update can break compatibility with apps and force users to buy compatibility updates. It’s tough being a software user—nothing is forever.

Setapp says it’s adding a “substitute app” with similar functionality, and of course, the existing app will remain on users’ Macs—it just won’t ever be updated. And presumably iMazing is going to launch a new version with a different pricing model on its own.

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