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By Dan Moren

Enter The Mandalorian

Note: This story has not been updated for several years.

Jon Favreau, the actor/director who’s one of a handful of people to appear in both the Star Wars and Marvel cinematic universes, has revealed a bit of the Star Wars TV show that he’s running. On Instagram last night, Favreau posted:

#starwars #TheMandalorian

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Because this is where you turn for all your news from a galaxy far, far away.

Quick reactions: there’s obviously not much here, but I’m intrigued. It sounds very much like an homage to something like The Virginian. I love the idea that it’s far away from the central conflict of the series, dealing with elements on the fringe. Seems like a good way to get away from the thrust of the main sequence of stories.

We’ve never had a live action Star Wars TV show, which makes this an interesting beast. Will it hew closer to the animated fare, like Clone Wars, Rebels, and the upcoming Resistance? Or will it be closer to the movies? It’ll probably be a little while yet before we find out: Disney’s upcoming streaming service, which this service will air on, won’t even launch until next year.

Oh, and one thing in particular struck me about the admittedly brief text of the announcement: it’s very careful to use gender-neutral language. And characters like Rebels‘s Sabine Wren, Clone Wars‘s Satine Kryze and her sister Bo-Katan Kryze, who appeared in both, point to a rich history of female warriors in the culture.1

  1. Oh and I am really hopeful that nobody named “Fett” will be involved with this. Fine to invoke him as a character inspiration, but honestly, I’ve had enough of the guy. 

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