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By Jason Snell

Sal Soghoian Watch: podcasts and boot camps

Sal Soghoian was the champion of user automation at Apple for years, but he left the company in 2016 and hosted a conference on the topic last summer.

Today brings two Sal-related news items of note:

  • He’s on the current episode of the Mac Admins podcast, hosted by Tom Bridge, Pepijn Bruienne, Diana Birsan, and Charles Edge, discussing a wide range of topics, including an effective defense of the Terminal.

  • He just announced that the next iteration of his CMD-D conference will be an automation boot camp in October in Atlanta, Georgia, designed for people who are new to macOS automation.

Sal deeply cares about the people who use Apple’s technology to get work done, and it shows in everything he says and does. Even though he’s not inside Apple anymore, I’m glad he’s still contributing to the community. (And wouldn’t it be nice if there was something, anything, about user automation at WWDC this year?)

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