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By Dan Moren

Pedometer++ hits 3.0, adds achievements

Note: This story has not been updated for several years.

There aren’t a lot of iOS app updates that I get well and truly jazzed about, but Pedometer++ is one of them. David Smith’s app is my go-to step tracker, and I’m psyched to see that it’s hit a major new milestone with version 3.0.1 The app has a reworked interface that’s prepared for iOS 11 but still manages to keep the simple and clean look that it’s had since day one, and also features a new widget that lets you get a more detailed look at your steps throughout the day.

Looks like I need to walk more.

The biggest new addition, however, is that the app now includes achievements for your steps, complete with badges. That includes not only awards for your day totals, but also for streaks, lifetime steps and floors, and a handful of special achievements. Smith also suggests in his announcement post that there will probably more categories to come over time. Given that people seem to enjoy the badges that Apple has included in its own Activity app, this seems like a great idea–who doesn’t love getting an achievement?

It’s no exaggeration to say I use Pedometer++ every day; it’s one of a very small group of Apple Watch apps that I actually use, and its complication is still on my default Watch face. My girlfriend, who doesn’t have a Watch, likes knowing how far we’ve walked in a day, and Pedometer++ is my gold standard for that. In particular, I’ve been impressed with the way Pedometer++ can seamlessly merge data from your Apple Watch and your iPhone to get you the clearest picture of your activity.

Pedometer++ is still free, but you can also give David a tip via in-app purchase in the app’s Settings screen. If you’ve used it for any length of time, it’s definitely worth it. And if you haven’t yet checked it out, I’m not sure what’s stopping you–what, you don’t like walking?

  1. Full disclosure: I shared an Airbnb with David during WWDC this year. Fuller disclosure: He was a very considerate roommate. 

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