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by Jason Snell & Dan Moren

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By Jason Snell

Big podcasting week!

I just got back from our road trip, but somehow (largely thanks to the magic of pre-taping) I managed to generate a bunch of really cool podcast episodes this week that you should listen to.

On Liftoff Stephen Hackett and I recounted our solar eclipse experiences. On Free Agents I talked to David Sparks in person about his origin story, from college to law firm to being out on his own. John Siracusa and I revealed that we have no idea about how donuts work on Robot or Not.

And on this week’s super-sized Upgrade, Myke and I asked John Siracusa, Alex Cox, and Stephen Hackett to join us to draft Apple hardware from any era. Then John stuck around to talk about “Blade Runner: The Final Cut” with us.

Check them out in your podcast app of choice.

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