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By Jason Snell

Panic’s truck drops off Transmit 5

Note: This story has not been updated for several years.

Transmit 5, the new version of Panic’s venerable file-transfer client for Mac, has arrived at last. It’s $35 this week, up to $45 after that. There are no upgrade prices (it’s been seven years since the last version) and it’s not available in the Mac App Store, just direct from Panic.

I’ve been testing this one a while (Transmit is my primary tool for moving files back and forth to my remote web servers) and I really like the integration with Panic’s cloud-sync service, because I also use Transmit on iOS and now the two apps can keep their favorites in sync. What else is new? Cabel Sasser has the quick overview:

With one massive update we’ve brought everyone’s favorite file-transferring truck into the future with more speed, more servers, more features, more fixes, a better UI, and even Panic Sync. Everything from the core file transfer engine to the “Get Info” experience was rethought, overhauled, and improved.

For more detail, check out the new Transmit 5 website.

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