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By Jason Snell

Twitterrific for Mac gets Kickstarter rebirth?

Note: This story has not been updated for several years.


I joined Twitter because of Twitterrific.

When The Iconfactory released its first version of Twitterrific for Mac, I downloaded it, signed up for Twitter, and off I went. Ten years later, my view of Twitter as a service is still largely framed by apps, rather than the web. If Twitter was only on the Web, I think I’d use it about as often as Facebook, which is to say, not often.

I still use (and love) Twitterrific for iOS, but on the Mac I’ve had to abandon it. There hasn’t been a substantial update since 2013, and Twitter the service has moved on since then. The Iconfactory made the business decision to focus on the iOS edition, and I don’t blame them. I would’ve done the same.

Still, at least once a week I wish that I could use Twitterrific on the Mac. And now, if enough Mac users feel the same, I might get the chance. The Iconfactory has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Twitterrific for Mac, with a $75,000 goal to do a new version of the app. A $15 pledge gets you the final version, a $30 pledge gets you on the beta, and there are a bunch of goodies, too.

I’m in. Here’s hoping a few thousand of my fellow Mac users will be interested in making the up-front commitment. I’d really like to use Twitterrific on my Mac again. After all, it’s where I started.

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