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By Dan Moren

Apple Park campus to open in April

So it’s not “the Spaceship” after all. Apple has announced that its new, 175-acre campus will be dubbed “Apple Park”, with employees starting to transfer over in April. Moving all 12,000 employees will apparently take around six months, and during that time construction on both the building and the surrounding green spaces (which include two miles of running paths, an orchard, a meadow, and a pond) will continue.

Apple Campus

The company also said that the 1000-seat on-campus auditorium, which sits on a hill, will be dubbed the “Steve Jobs Theater” to honor the late co-founder, who would have turned 62 at the end of this week.

And, of course, Apple continues its environmental commitment by powering its new campus on 100-percent renewable energy, including 17 megawatts of roof-mounted solar panels.

Looking for an opportunity to visit? Good news: there will be a visitor center with an Apple Store and cafe open to the public!

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