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By Dan Moren

A couple more bits about installing and hiding iMessage apps

As a quick addendum to my last post about iMessage apps, here are a couple of other tidbits that might be of interest when it comes to installing and removing apps in Messages.


Installing iMessage apps: iMessage apps also show up in the iOS App Store, so you can find and install them there, just as you would a standard iOS app. They’ll have a note saying “Only for iMessage.”

Hiding iMessage apps: In addition to using the Manage tab in Messages, you can also hide iMessage apps by going to the overview screen and tapping and holding an icon for an app. Just as on the main home screen, it’ll start to jiggle and an ‘x’ will appear in the top right. Tap that to hide the app. (You can reinstate an app by going to the Manage screen and flipping the switch back to on.) This is also how you rearrange apps on these screens, again just like on the main iOS home screen.

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