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By Jason Snell

Quick Tip: Auto-expanding email address

We get asked for our email addresses a lot, most commonly in login windows on websites. I’ve saved a lot of time by attaching mine to an auto-expanding text shortcut on both iOS and macOS. No additional software is required, though if you have a text-expanding utility like TextExpander you could use that instead.

On the Mac, go to the Keyboard pane in System Preferences, and click on the Text tab. Put a shortcut in the Replace column—mine’s jjs—and your email address in the With column. On iOS, you can find the same command in the Settings app, under General > Keyboards > Text Replacement.

In theory, iCloud syncs your text replacements between all your devices. In practice, I find that it sometimes does this, sometimes utterly fails at it, and sometimes ancient shortcuts I deleted years ago spontaneously regenerate when I least expect it.

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